mex volksbus

I'd never seen a Volkswagen bus before. Even though I know VW makes lots of things, whenever I see the VW logo, I still think Beetle.

It was a pretty bus. It seems to have a "happy" look on the front end.

Location: Cancún International Airport, Quintana Roo, México. July 2010.

VW Shuttle Bus

VW Shuttle Bus

7 responses to “mex volksbus

  1. :up: I approve of this bus. 🙂

  2. I've seen a whole lot of Volkswagen busses over the years, they still are very popular in Europe.But I never saw this model, I love it! :yes:

  3. Originally posted by JanndeSmit:

    I approve of this bus.

    "Paid for by the Joshua Phelps committee for Volkswagen congressional transportation systems, LLC." 😆 I'm just trying to make it sound like a political TV ad. 😀 Originally posted by JanndeSmit:

    But I never saw this model, I love it!

    Me too. It's cute, for a bus. We never get the good stuff over here anymore. No French cars, nuttin. I've been wanting something French for a couple of decades now. 😉

  4. Wow! Look at this VW beauty I found on Wikipedia. It's the Volkswagen Amarok. Amarok sounds like something by KDE. 😆 I'd sell my Dodge and buy this pretty VW pickup in a heartbeat. The only serious full-size pickups in the USA are made by GM, Ford, and Dodge. Nissan makes one but it looks flimsy in several critical areas and I hear the gas consumption is terrible. For once the US brands are ahead in the area of fuel consumption. My Dodge can be fully laden, towing a trailer, and still get decent mileage for the load it's under.If this VW is ever sold here, looks strong, and gets OK mileage, I'll have to have one.Pretty!Ewww. I just noticed it only has a 2 liter engine. It must not really be a towing truck. 2 liters isn't enough for pulling a travel trailer.

  5. :up:

  6. I agree with Carol.:D

  7. It seems to have a "happy" look on the front end.

    I agree. 😀

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