cute little red vee dubya

This pretty little thing has been hanging around the neighborhood lately. Used to I could name the exact year of any VW Beetle just by looking for a few key things. I've gotten rusty so all I can say right now is that it's probably (mostly) an early 1960's model. It's been modded anyway. It could be several years of parts put together.

8 responses to “cute little red vee dubya

  1. Hee, cool. Some people really do love cars, isn't it?

  2. decodedthought

    OLD is GOLD 😉

  3. When I was a teenager, I was a Beetle identification expert. I've now forgotten most of the clues I used to use but here are a few:Is the windshield flat, or curved, or curved a lot (Super Beetle).Do the wipers wipe left or right?Shape and size of the rear window.Shape and number of vents on the rear hood over the engine.Shape and size of taillights.Does the hood have a black Wolfsburg crest on it or a round VW symbol?Are there running boards under the doors?Is the bumper black, or is it chrome? Does it have metal "over rider" bars on it like the one above?Style of the steering wheel. The early 60's ones were very elegant.Does it have a gas gauge or instead a foot lever to kick in a small reserve tank of gas.Were the headlights covered with a glass shield, or in the USA were they the naked sealed-beam bulbs.There were so many things to consider. Sometimes I could even get it down to particular production runs or production origin: Germany, Brazil, Mexico. Can you tell I was really into it? 😆 Reedplayernc and I used to like to rent Beetles for our Mexican exploration trips as Mexico was the last place the Beetle was produced. Here is one that we rented in 2003. I loved the throaty rumble they all made as they were revved through the gears.

  4. Another memory from when I was a youngun, there was a particular year when there were three famous things all being advertised for nineteen ninety-five:Volkswagen Beetle for $1,995.00Toyota Corolla for $1,995.00Poloroid Swinger camera for $19.95

  5. trabant…

  6. awwwwwwwwwwww so precious!

  7. Originally posted by megom:


    Wow, we are talking about the fun cars now. :up: I'm serious!I got to drive a 2CV once.A good American example is the Chevy Vega. Plagued with problems but now a real classic.

  8. awww so cute. My family has a gold VW beetle from 1969 😀

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