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i’ve always been a little different in this

House Hunters International (TV “reality” show) was showing this American woman in South Africa buying a house in a gated community. No mention if she even needed a visa to do that.

She asked the realtor where were the swank bars so she could go out and start dating.

I thought to myself, “Pffft on the swank bars. Those security guards at your gatehouse look fine to me.”

jitterbug ad

Jitterbug granny is drunk off her ass. 🍸

old portable tv

I saw this “portable” television yesterday in an antique store.

it really is portable, but that’s back when the definition of portable meant “could probably be lifted by one strong person.”

Them things were heavy. Lots of vacuum tubes and a tremendous transformer.

Airline Portable Television. I’ve never heard of that brand before. It’s rather attractively designed.

streaming tv question, why no adverts this time

I don’t understand the hows and whys. A series I watched on TNT played commercial free when I streamed it by browser. If I watched it through the provider set-top box, it has commercials. Some networks, it doesn’t matter, you get adverts regardless of method.

The TV/Internet provider I have participates in something called TV2GO. There is a list of networks that are available this way. To view TNT, I go to the TNT site list of the episodes. Click “sign in” with the provided box, then get sent over to the TV provider’s site for credentialing. TV provider sends an auth token back to TNT, then video reloads commercial free and in full. Stream that to a device (Chromecast, etc.), and it’s great.

I don’t understand the dropping of adverts, nice as it is.

On Linux computers, a good browser choice for casting to a device is the Vivaldi one. Even though it’s based on the Chromium browser, it avoids me having to install Google Chrome, or Chromium.

liberace and free hbo for a year

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