liberace and free hbo for a year

I had to call the cable company today because things went dead. As the agent was sending out a reset signal, he offered free HBO for a year, plus Internet Turbo (faster speed), plus reduce the bill by $20 a month. I don't know why that happens. This is the third time I've gotten a freebie without asking. He said there was a special and I was welcome to it. I just have to remember to roll it back off next year. I guess agents get credit for getting customers to take things even if it lowers the bill.

The Internet Turbo actually doesn't matter because my modem doesn't support it. My speed will stay the same. Why not take it for a year if the bill goes down. If I see a faster modem on sale, I might just buy it. Having to buy the modem is a f**k-the-customer manoeuver anyway. The company used to loan them out for free.

Anyway, free HBO for a year. The first movie I watched was Behind the Candelabra about the famous Liberace.

I always liked the friendly flashiness of Liberace. His TV show was still in reruns when I was a child. I found it weird yet interesting. My parents sometimes cut me looks as I was watching it, like "don't get any ideas." :devil:

Liberace is the originator of the quote, "I cried (laughed) all the way to the bank."

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful." :up:

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