charles ramsey interview on kidnapping

I'm sorry about the kidnapping, but the interview is funny. My favorite line: "either she homeless or she got problems." 😆

Direct video link.

It reminds me of the very lovable, and sexy, Antoine Dodson below.

My favorite line: "you are really dumb, for real!"

Direct video link.

4 responses to “charles ramsey interview on kidnapping

  1. iamcapitaine

    I find this history bizarre…

  2. I could imagine Samuel L Jackson acting out the part of the interviewee. I can't help but feel anguish inside for those girls. I feel it like any loving stepfather.But…yes, what an animated interview.

  3. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    But…yes, what an animated interview.

    I think there is theatrical talent in that man.Without even trying, he could emcee a TV show.

  4. This guy is both heroic and funny. 🙂

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