done drank some things to drink

Previous post, some things to drink, leads into this one.

Image #1: Watching "I Love Lucy" at 5:09am (see time on clock under TV).

Image #2: The kitchen looks like a mini frat party took place.

8 responses to “done drank some things to drink

  1. I think you got drunk if I'm not mistaken. 😀

  2. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    I think you got drunk if I'm not mistaken.

    Just very mildly. There were two of us working on the empties above. I'm not opposed to getting drunk, when I have the time for it. Sometimes I find it to be mentally resetting, refreshing in other words.

  3. I had a 4 Coronas last night while watching college football at The Thirsty Fox. Ate 10 chicken wings with honey bbq sauce. Feel great today! :cheers: :chef:

  4. Many years ago I worked at a restaurant that had 10-cent wings and 25-cent drafts on football nights. It was totally insane. The general manager finally stopped it when he determined that feeding four college campuses wasn't cost effective. That's back when the age for beer and wine was 18. Traffic used to back up turning into the restaurant.

  5. Oh, the primary wing sauce in this area is Texas Pete. It has "Texas" in the name but has always been made in Winston-Salem, NC. I love it. It's great on pizza, eggs, anything.

  6. Thirsty Fox has 10-cent wings on Tuesdays. And I remember a draft beer being .35/glass…early 70's :cheers:

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    I remember a draft beer being .35/glass…early 70's

    I love playing "remember when" with prices and things.The first time I went to a gay club locally (1980), bottled domestic beer was 75 cents, and if you got there before 11pm, they were 2 for 1. I liked to get there at precisely 10:25pm to get my first pair. Then at 10:58, I'd get the second two and could coast on those for quite awhile.The 5th beer was the one that always made me ready to hit the dance floor.Somebody would usually ask me to dance too early. I'd say, "after I finish beer #5, I'll come lookin' for ya. It won't take long."Occasionally some fool would want to dance the second I walked into the club. Then I could say, "man, I got 5 beers to drink first."For years, 5 was the magic number. Now that I've gotten older, 5 beers just make me freakin' sleepy.

  8. I hear you! :zzz:

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