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promotional e-mails that i like

Not that I buy much Chanel, a little goes a long way. A bottle will last me a couple of years.

This is one company that knows how to send out promotional e-mails that work. Everything is in clear text contained within the e-mail. Any remote-loading images are described with alt text.

Most all bulk e-mails, except Chanel’s, come to me as blank flat white: no text in the e-mail, all text is in images which are remote loading and thus blocked.

I’ve unsubscribed from all the bad ones.


another e-mail mess this week

Whenever somebody sends out an openly addressed e-mail with 100+ recipients (or more!), I always say, “Oh boy! Here comes a party in my inbox.”

The “reply all” thing from the recipients springs into action, and your inbox is busy for days, maybe a week or more.

Then there is the bonus of extra spam from people’s compromised address books.

I feel like posting the attached image as a tutorial, but I don’t want to get into it right now.

difficult e-mail

When somebody sends an email that includes no text, only remote loading images, this is what happens. Totally blank.

I don’t know what the compulsion is for taking a block of text and converting it into an image.


A friend mentions that upgrading his 2007 Outlook will cost $140. That’s for an install on one Windows machine.

I think, “well, OK then!”

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