breakdown of a fake antivirus scammer

A rather entertaining video of a fake AV scammer ruining Windows to scare a potential victim into handing over the cash.

We don't have these problems over here, though I certainly get enough scam e-mail from friends who have operating systems that are ailing.

3 responses to “breakdown of a fake antivirus scammer

  1. Half my family would hand the cash over. I refuse to help them with their technological woes.

  2. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    I refuse to help them with their technological woes.

    I gave up on that, too, well sorta refuse now.I used to really go out of my way to help relatives until I determined they were just being cheap as fuck. They live in decent houses, have fairly good cars around, then I'd get over there and they'd be trying to boot a 10 y/o laptop with a copy of Windows Me on it. For some reason for computer/Internet, they cannot let a dollar out of their wallets.

  3. Yep, it's surprising just how naive most folk are.

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