illegal phone calls

This was on my voice mail today, so I saved the mp3.

Below is a sound file from the most common type of illegal fraud telephone call that I get. The usual pitch is to promise to lower the interest rate on all of your credit cards. You can imagine what is next: reading out your credit card numbers to them. They often identify themselves as something rather generic, such as "bank card center", then they can make guesses as to a bank that you might use. As we're getting down to only having a handful of banks in this country, they don't have to guess much.

A word to the wise, never talk to or return a call from these scammers. The callback number is always toll-free, which means you cannot block the transmission of your phone number to them, then they can mark you as a "responder". The only time I call back is from a hotel phone or the like, and that's just to see what they do.

Speaking of calling them back, it is indeed possible to have a little fun in this area. I don't recommend interacting with fraudsters, but if you have time on your hands, and you have a safe telephone (like a hotel), you *could* do it. If after hours, your call will probably drop into voice mail, and if they have the USA's most common voice mail system, Audix, it's not that hard to have a little look around. It's all part of my Captain Crunch legacy. What are they going to do? Call the police? 😆

Enjoy the show below. You'll need flash.

5 responses to “illegal phone calls

  1. "Welcome to Audix" reminds me of logging onto the old BBS's. You never knew what might await. :devil: Let your fingers glide over the touchtone buttons like a dancer.

  2. "Welcome to Audix. To…at any time, press the pound key." Oh. Gawd. Bad. Memories. Need. Brainwash. :faint:

  3. 😆

  4. 😮

  5. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    reminds me of logging onto the old BBS's.

    That got me thinking, as I am often wont to do… Remember the old ansi graphics?There's a crazy amount of artwork here, and here.The way you view these is in a terminal. Be sure your terminal encoding method is set to ibm850. Oh, and be sure your terminal is 80 columns wide. If any of this info is too esoteric for any of you, let me know and I'll come up with more complete instructions. Download one of the text files (or if you download an artpack zipfile, unzip it) from the links and type:cat filename.xxxBlows my mind how talented some of these folks are. Here's the textfile to produce the artwork on the left. Be sure to scroll back in your terminal if you display this one. As you can see, it's huge.

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