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flags on the street

Somebody lines our street with these for several holidays.

I should burn it and put the stick back in the ground as a warning to others, but then I’d have to move out of the neighborhood, so I leave it alone. 😬

closeted flag

Our rainbow flag is temporarily in the closet. 🏳️‍🌈

Our 4th of july flag is now flying

The Fourth of July flag has been selected and installed in front of the house.

cuban mystery

We just found this in the garage and neither one of us can remember where we got it.

coches usados y banderas

My morning walk to Popeyes, I spotted something special in the air. 🇨🇺

Right hyar in America! 😉

I learned long ago, that while in Florida, don’t go braggin’ around that ya been there. Sometimes they’ll let fly at you like Mussolini from the balcony.

mystery warehouse sighting while on the road

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