old story from my teen years

Very old story.

I worked on Patterson Avenue in Greensboro today. It reminded me of my first serious crush. I was 16, he was 19, so I felt he was old and probably about right for me. Name was Carl, and he worked in a building on Patterson.

I met him at a party and gave him my phone number and told him to be careful because I was afraid of my family finding out. He was completely out, fearless, and left obvious messages on the family answering machine which caused me great anxiety.

When I told him not to do that, he said, “I’ll leave the ball in your court until you grow up.” I was especially hurt by the flippant sports ball/court reference.

It goes to show that sometimes one’s first crush is to a stinker.

Years later, I was pleased to run into him again until he said, “I wanted to date you when we were teenagers, but I left the ball in your court and you didn’t return the volley.”

That recurring flippant sports reference hurt even more the second time.

All that pain just from driving on Patterson Ave. today.

Some of my later crushes were much much better.

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