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whine and mock the cookbook

An organization with which I’ve had long association sends out a multicultural Thanksgiving recipe book at 2 PM the day before the holiday encouraging everyone to prepare a recipe from it and send in a pic or video of their Thanksgiving meal for social media. E-mail sent at 2 PM the afternoon before. Right.

The damned thing is embedded in some media-regulating webpage called “flipsnack.” It’s hard for me to see, and it cannot be downloaded or printed. The webpage wouldn’t even serve me a byte at first because of my “dangerous” IP.

H2G, just send out a freakin’ PDF. I feel violated. lol.

Everybody gotta control every single thing. I must whine and mock the absurdity. 😝 It’s the way I like to roll. 😁

people and dog dinners

Preparing some acorn squash as part of dinner with some Science Diet (dog food) picturesquely off to the side. Human and dog dinners often get prepared simultaneously.

I saved and roasted the seeds. They came out ok. Crunchy and yummy.

joy of cooking for those who barely can

Online food recipes can be painful. A layer dip recipe can have many screens of a monumental story before hitting the ingredient list.

Then, once you read it and see the ingredients, you can tell it’s weak and the author never made it. It’s just something to get reader ratings.

Then again, some people like background and a feeling to go with it, so ok.

I do better with church and other civic cookbooks bought at antique stores. Recipes lean towards simple and most likely have been peer reviewed.

cookbook – the unwatched pot

I got this yesterday at Granddaddy’s Antique Mall in Burlington for $3. Cookbooks are always a bargain. I especially like the ones by churches and civic organizations.

From 1975, “The Unwatched Pot” by Paula Franklin. A crockful of recipes for electric slow cooking.

Inside the front cover, the name of a past owner: Ruth D. Klenner, August 1979.

One of the consultants for this cookbook was affiliated with Hamilton Beach, so you won’t find the name “Crock Pot” anywhere in the pages. Only the company “Rival” (now Sunbeam) is allowed to use the trademark name of Crock Pot. All of them by any maker are technically “slow cookers,” so you’ll never be wrong saying that.

With that said, all three of my slow cookers are Crock Pots by Rival/Sunbeam. I would not be opposed to a Hamilton Beach. They look quite good.

This cookbook, The Unwatched Pot, is on the easy side, so it suits me. A lot of the recipes have a ham butt, ham bone, or chopped bacon in the ingredients, but I can work around that. All I want is the basic idea.

Three dollars for all that fun and a nice history lesson of slow cooking as the intro. I like slow cookers, obviously.

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