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english, russian, and american vodkas

I noticed the Smirnoff vodka bottles at the liquor store have “Made in America” on the labels. Is that to calm fears of buying something Russian during the phobias? Not my brand, anyway, but the label caught my eye.

I usually get Tanqueray vodka, English brand, mainly for the reason that I like the gin so much.

orange crush

It’s a good night for a giant vodka cocktail that’ll knock ya right out. Medicinal.

Recipe is Orange Crush from the handy Drinkable app. It’s supposed to be shot glass size, but I just up the quantities and make it a tumbler.



Pictures of the two vodka cocktails with bottle of vodka in background

Screenshot of Orange Crush recipe from drinkable app


vodka in the preserve

Trying some peach tonight. Pinnacle used to have a key lime flavor that we liked, but we can’t find it anymore.

spirited christmas

I already bought two Christmas gifts. Well, the gin is for me. 😊 Tanqueray gin is an old favorite.

I didn’t know Tanqueray made vodka. It was on sale. The recipient will like it no matter what it is.

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vodka problem

The only problem with vodka is not planning ahead and running out

Mixing a few cocktails on a Saturday night.

having a giant vodka

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strange saturday night combo

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photographing the vodkas

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foofy vodka

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freakin busted

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