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double marg

The usual Margaritas, this time at Mexico restaurant out on Mercado Poniente.


Speeding my recovery.

marg night

Middle of the night Margarita array in the Nature Preserve. 🍹🌛

jumbo marg rocks x2

Jumbo Marg rocks for two.

italian margaritas

Brian and I having “Italian Margaritas” at Olive Garden. They come with amaretto on the side.


Margaritas at La Bamba.

the vatican margarita

It’s the highly exclusive Vatican Margarita.

#margarita #vatican #popefrancis

marg nap wakeup

I passed out in a 2-hour nap, then woke up craving a margarita. The margarita mix already has tequila in it. The extra bottle of tequila is because of margarita mix is not strong enough.

going out

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more margaritas

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