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saturday marg

nada de nuevo


“ready to drink”

We all are.

dinner margaritas

The usual weekend margaritas.

The waiter then came to take the dinner order, and I thought about saying, “well, okay but these are the dinner.”

double marg

The usual Margaritas, this time at Mexico restaurant out on Mercado Poniente.


Speeding my recovery.

marg night

Middle of the night Margarita array in the Nature Preserve. 🍹🌛

jumbo marg rocks x2

Jumbo Marg rocks for two.

italian margaritas

Brian and I having “Italian Margaritas” at Olive Garden. They come with amaretto on the side.


Margaritas at La Bamba.

the vatican margarita

It’s the highly exclusive Vatican Margarita.

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