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old pic of me

For some reason, one Sunday we all had to go outside and pose for pics beside some random overgrown bushes and weeds.

I might have been thinking, “if my armpits start stinking, I’m going back inside.”

little me and a ford galaxie

This is a cool favorite pic.

This is me walking behind a car that I was almost born in because my father drove my mother to the hospital in it when she started to give birth to me.

Years later, I would learn to drive in that car. Smooth automatic.

It’s a 1959 Ford, and I see Fairlane on it, but I swear I remember my father calling it a Galaxie 500. Maybe there is more badging on the car that I cannot see. It had a HUGE steering wheel that I remember my mother’s wedding ring clanking against it as she made turns.

I was also in this car with mother driving when we heard about JFK being shot on the radio. I was really little, but I remember people freaking TF out. People were making u-turns on High Point Road and going home. My mom did this, too.

retro photo

Old pic. 1960’s.
Me and my mother, Frances, on left. My brother, Fred, on right.

young ‘un

Me age 16. I had to ride all the way across the country and back in the car with my parents without having a single cigarette. 🤣

lentes nuevos

New high-tech bifocals. 🤓

halloween 84

Me, Halloween 1984, age 25. It was still early, but I was getting into makeup for later on that night for the club.

Bad thing about all that makeup is that if you met somebody at the club, it was real hard to get OUT of that makeup. It was a lot of work and messy.



virgin adolescent mustache

Me. High school. Still tender, succulent.

risks of over manliness

Embarrassing hypermasculinity from 2007. Do not attempt. ⛔

sweet sixteen

Sweet sixteen 
Ain’t he peachy keen

Me at 16 when I was still a skinny little chicken. 🐥

Who wouldn’t love such a sweet thing as that? 😁

I had a nicely corrupted mind, and loved sneaking down to the back of the yard to smoke my clandestine cigarettes where nobody could see me. 🚬😈