I saw this at Antique Marketplace near the airport. Is it a sugar bowl, ink well?

Wachovia Bank, sometimes called WatchOverYa. I had my first checking account there many decades ago.

One of the early banks to roll out ATM service in the area, Wachovia named the machines Teller II. BB&T named theirs Tillie (the all-time teller).

The old ATM’s had a scrolling plastic tape with dozens of messages on it that you could see by looking through a little window. The motors would run to scroll the tape to the right message, then a light would turn on underneath to make it readable. It looked like the window on the Magic 8-Ball except bigger. By noting the amount of time it took the machine to display a message (the common ones were grouped together for speed), one could sense a transaction decline comping up even before seeing it display.

After some service incidents where I felt like I was being screwed over for being young, I left Wachovia and would never go there again.

I think Wachovia was given away to Wells Fargo at some point.

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