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democrat text spam

I’m getting a heavy flow of unstoppable Democrat text spam.

As for this one, I can’t imagine anything more absurd than donating $20 to the Democratic party. Claw it back from your proxy war. 🤡

Oh, and that stimmi check was short $400. 🖕

anti potus flags

At least it can be said that there is zero ambiguity on where they stand on this issue.

The flags on the three poles match the one on the little building. A set!

fulfilling those campaign promises

This actually pisses me off more than that Trump mess. 🙄

the nation magazine has the power to push, i guess

There is no The Nation reader pushing any candidate in any direction unless they have a ton of money. For me, this magazine would be a waste of time. Into the trash with this envelope. This is far too tame for me.

because it’s status-quo approved and kid tested

Why TF are “Occupy Democrats” and “Ridin’ With Biden” shambling down my FB newsfeed? Sick.