censorship backfires

So many I know are gung ho to purge the platforms.

Ajamu Baraka: We Are Entering a New Totalitarian Era

“Anybody who is in opposition to the hegemony of the neoliberal project is at some point over the next few years going to experience the heavy hand of the state.”

3 responses to “censorship backfires

  1. Did you know Joe Namath is still alive? He shouldn’t be. He need to be purged so I don’t have to watch him hawking Medicare Advanta… Oh, wait. That’s not what you mean at all. Never mind.

  2. When I was a young’un, my parents went to the Super Bowl and brought back a program that had a spread about Joe Namath. Even though I don’t care a bit about football, it was a hot spread. We were going on a trip and they tossed that program into the backseat where I was, and I had a great time perusing it during the trip.

  3. Quite possibly but it is obvious to me the likes Twitter, fb, reddit, etc cannont regulate themselves.
    I see the problems. I am at loss for solutions. Solutions to be effective must, in my small mind, be the same across all borders as well as being equal, fair and respectful to all communities.

    😦 situation

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