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northeast park

Northeast Park today.


park walk tan refrescante

Country Park. Greensboro, NC.

tcl 10 pro camera test at country park

I slipped a SIM into a rather inexpensive (compared to some) Android mobile that I recently ordered. It doesn’t have the “horsepower” of some that I’ve had, but it runs sweetly and has a straightforward beautiful interface that I like. It has Android 11.

It is a TCL 10 Pro – T799B. Got it for $315 mainly due to TCL now releasing the 20 Pro series thus dating this 10 Pro. Price went down by $135. Original TCL 10 Pro price was $450.

I’m no expert, but the camera seems adequate to me for a “cheap” smartphone. We went out to Country Park today to goof off and take some pictures with the TCL 10 Pro. I like budget devices that actually work.

A nice thing about going budget is that you don’t have to run ’em till they drop, unless you want to. If you smash it or lose it, your life won’t be completely over.

random things that come up

I was reading what was supposed to be a professional article this morning and ran across this sentence: “Something went gunny bag with the air conditioner.”

WTF does gunny bag mean? lol

I mean write in plain language. That one just got me a little.

OK, sometimes I like to use “wonky” from time to time.


Here’s another one that still comes up sometimes and has since I was a child.

“It’s out there near Red Road.” or “Over there by the Bishop Block.”

OK, I know those places existed, but just tell me where you are talking about today. 50+ years is long enough to update.

Similarly, I am guilty of saying High Point Road still instead of Gate City Boulevard. High Point Road is where I did a lot of cruising as a teenager, so it’s rooted in that. I remember when Bob Petty’s Drive-in on HPR served me a can of beer right in my car when I was 17. “Can I have a cigarette to go with it?” lol

price park walk

From today at Price park, Greensboro.

richardson-taylor nature preserve

Brian and I took a long walk today at the Richardson-Taylor Preserve north east of Greensboro near Lake Townsend.

I didn’t know about this one until I read about it in the local Pearson Audubon Nature Notes, which is an e-mail that I love to get.

From Audubon: “This 440-acre preserve is composed primarily of mature forest and beaver marshes. Designated as a “passive use park,” the preserve is mostly undeveloped and has no facilities such as restrooms or water fountains. However, it offers about four miles of marked trails beginning at the parking lot on Plainfield Road that has an information kiosk with a trail map.”

It’s nice because there are few people there. You can have it to yourself, just you and the nature. The trails are lengthy and numerous. One eventually interfaces with the Greenway near Strawberry Road. That one would take some planning. We’re going to look into it.



2020 Kirkwood Independence Day Parade

Here is the 2020 Kirkwood Independence Day Parade. The parade participants outnumbered the spectators. It seems to lean Republican, usually not this much, but this is a “special” year. You can assess the candidates all by yourself.

The White House cap is a decoy. 😁

Bottles of hand sanitizer were being handed out, which we were pleased to get. The bottle has that “lube” shape. Can I get ya a popper to go with it? 🎉

triad city beat gets facebook block

Triad City Beat has been a good way to find out what has been going on locally during protests. This media org has gotten the Facebook block. How odd! Even the Mayor of Greensboro is concerned.

grey afternoon in town

A soothing (to me) image of downtown Greensboro, NC (North Carolina), USA.