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big spender

So let me get right to the point
I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see 馃嵕
Hey, big spender 馃挵
Spend a little time with me

rocking pills guadalajara – 1980’s

old friends

de la “wayback” en el internet archive”


Lleg贸 al mundo el 10 de enero de 1962 en la Ciudad de M茅xico como Agust铆n Salvador Villa Rojas. Emigr贸 siendo joven junto con su familia a Guadalajara, Jal., donde comenz贸 su iniciaci贸n musical de la mano de algunos maestros particulares, y en la Escuela de M煤sica de la Universidad de Guadalajara.

En 1984 conform贸 Pills, una banda de punk rock junto con V铆ctor Inda en el bajo, Quetzalc贸atl Avil茅s en la bater铆a, y 茅l mismo y Pablo Mart铆nez en las guitarras. La banda mut贸 despu茅s a los Rocking Pills, y su direcci贸n rockera sufri贸 un giro de 180潞 hacia el rockabilly. Pablo se va e ingresa 脫scar Salazar.

En 1985 nacen Los Clips y firman un contrato con Comrock. Al cierre de la disquera y gracias a un supuesto apoyo nunca antes otorgado a un grupo de rock mexicano por parte de una cigarrera multinacional, lo llevan a formar Montana con el guitarrista Arturo Ybarra (ex Mask), el tecladista Andr茅s Franco, V铆ctor Inda y el baterista Abraham Calleros, quien ven铆a de Sombrero Verde.

Tras ser abandonados por su omnipresente patrocinador y grabar un disco, 鈥淓l Cala鈥 form贸 Rostros Ocultos, nombre inspirado en una pintura de Salvador Dal铆, con Ernesto 鈥淏ola鈥 Domene tras la bater铆a, Javier Barrag谩n en el bajo, Arturo Ybarra y Andr茅s Franco. Ernesto Domene se va tras la grabaci贸n de su segundo 谩lbum, y su puesto es ocupado por Waldo Ch谩vez.

Los problemas para la banda no terminaron ah铆: en 1989, la promoci贸n de aquel disco los hab铆a dejado literalmente agotados. Entonces la banda se dio un descanso del que Arturo Ybarra no regresar铆a. Los Rostros Ocultos terminaron por disolverse a principios de la d茅cada de los 90.

Es entonces que El Cala se fue a Nueva York a grabar un disco solista: Con Huevos y Cajeta. En ese trabajo lo acompa帽aron gente del calibre de Steve Ferrone (m煤sico de Eric Clapton), Eddie Mart铆nez (m煤sico de Mick Jagger), y Pino Palladino, quien ha colaborado con gente como Neil Young.

En ese disco el Cala se aventur贸 a cantar en ingl茅s con el tema 鈥淒on鈥檛 look behind you鈥 y a coverear a Jos茅 Alfredo Jim茅nez con 鈥淓lla鈥. A su regreso a M茅xico arranc贸 una extensa gira, apoyado por el sencillo 鈥淪iglos鈥, mismo que logr贸 alcanzar las listas de popularidad de la radio y algunos video-canales.

En la gira promocional de aquel trabajo, apareci贸 como guitarrista invitado Arturo Ybarra y lo dem谩s vendr铆a solo. En 1997, y a petici贸n de su compa帽铆a de discos, los Rostros Ocultos se reagrupan con El Cala, Arturo, el baterista Gerardo Matus, el bajista Francisco Toyos y el tecladista Juan Pablo Ibarra.

En la actualidad, los Rostros Ocultos son una de las agrupaciones cl谩sicas del rock mexicano, referente inmediato de una gran 茅poca y un esp铆ritu combativo que no se doblega a pesar de las crisis y modas que azotan de vez en vez a la escena. El Cala mientras tanto, se ha ganado a pulso un lugar privilegiado entre los mejores cantantes de todos los tiempos del rock nacional.

1BR – movie

“1BR is a 2019 American horror film written and directed by David Marmor”

To kick off the holiday, I watched this horror movie. It really worked. I cried out for mercy several times and was disturbed. Stressful and frightening. Good movie.

nature preserve pre-thanksgiving

1:38 a.m. in the Nature Preserve. 馃寷

retro me and toys

Me a long time ago. 1960’s.

A couple of classic toys visible.

A Vac-U-Form set, which was basically an open hot plate with which you could badly burn yourself or set the house on fire. It heated sheets of plastic to molten state, then you vacuumed them over molds by pumping the black handle to make things. If there wasn’t a risk of injury or even death, a toy wasn’t fun enough. Like the deadly lawn darts, perfect for children.

On the bed, original size Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots made by Marx. The reproductions by Mattel decades later were half the size and didn’t work. Heck, the originals hardly worked.

whine and mock the cookbook

An organization with which I’ve had long association sends out a multicultural Thanksgiving recipe book at 2 PM the day before the holiday encouraging everyone to prepare a recipe from it and send in a pic or video of their Thanksgiving meal for social media. E-mail sent at 2 PM the afternoon before. Right.

The damned thing is embedded in some media-regulating webpage called “flipsnack.” It’s hard for me to see, and it cannot be downloaded or printed. The webpage wouldn’t even serve me a byte at first because of my “dangerous” IP.

H2G, just send out a freakin’ PDF. I feel violated. lol.

Everybody gotta control every single thing. I must whine and mock the absurdity. 馃槤 It’s the way I like to roll. 馃榿

pretty l’il thing

Hobby Lobby uses gay erotica to promote Christmas. Well, sorta. There’s this TV ad.

google one vpn

Can a VPN by Google be taken seriously, or should it be laughed out of town? An e-mail today is the first I’ve heard of it.

I won’t be needing it because it only works on mobile, not on desktop, and one must have a fairly expensive plan with Google to get it.

the good things devils do – movie

I rented this one last night. I thought it would be something I would really like.

The Good Things Devils Do

— horror
— indie
— low -budget
— nearly local film company in Asheville North Carolina

All of those points appealed to me. I often like low budget indie films.

I was disappointed, because SuttleFilm of Asheville has a lot of movies out. If this one was good, I was going to rent several more.

Not worth it. I was mostly bored and frustrated with the movie. I was not scared a single time. Characters were flat, and there was little to no plot. It was hard to tell if it was a parody movie making fun of the genre.

This might be strange to say, but a positive point was that the gore was well done, frequently artfully so. Also, the sets were pretty in a horror sort of way. I liked them.

The reviews for this movie were good, but I think they were basically press releases repeated over and over. Book and movie reviews seem to be mostly a game in this way.

I’ll keep looking, because I’m really in the mood for some good horror and have some time to watch it.

covid masks made in north carolina

From friends at SiembraNC, there is a business newly open to the public making masks. These look real good for personal use and as gifts. Locally made in North Carolina. It would be great to see this business clobbered with orders. Prices look good. Just gotta pick some out.


Today we’re writing with exciting news: we launched a social enterprise, Hecho en Carolina, and for the first time you can be part of helping create dignified, living wage jobs in rural counties for our members who have lost income because of the pandemic, and have been denied federal assistance.

If you’re thinking about how to honor the people in your life through holiday gift giving, you can order high quality handmade face masks right now – designed by and for essential workers.

Hecho en Carolina’s creators left their textile factory jobs this summer after multiple workplace outbreaks sickened family members, and the employers refused to take even basic safety precautions.

At the same time, our friends at the Guilford County Association of Educators reached out with a request: Would we help them design a best-in-class breathable face mask that would hold up to all-day use by frontline workers staffing meal pickup locations?

After months of focusing on custom wholesale orders, Hecho en Carolina has launched an online store, so more essential workers can have access to these masks, while supporting dignified work.