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I’m starting a holiday week off from work with a little shot so I can nap.

ZERO risk of dependency. Reduces knee pain. 🥃👍

get the large bottles and save

Went for a walk to increase strength and stamina and accidentally came back with these. Well, ok, I took a reusable shopping bag with me.

Couple of holidays coming up, so might as well stock up with the Val-U-Size. The more U drink, the more U save. These will actually last a long time. 😉

The added weight of the shopping bag walking back home increased my heart rate, so all in all, a good cardio and muscular strengthening exercise. 🏋️

4:00 a.m. nature preserve tequila sip

I get tired of this tequila bottle going empty. WHY is there no larger size?

We sit in the Nature Preserve in the middle of the night sipping in the darkness. 🌛

medicinal purposes

Val-U-Size. The more you drink, the more you save.

cuervo lamp

It’s a thing of great beauty. Perfect for any home. 🥃

the empties

It would help a lot if that Cuervo came in a gallon.

1.75 L (.46 gallon) is as big as it gets.

sleep aid

I get so tired of this bottle running out. If they made a larger size I would buy it.


The picture of the tanker truck: so many times I have wished the liquor store had a larger size!

The picture of the agave fields: we were way out from everything and there was 4G LTE out there.

9 July 2015, Brian and I took a day tour from Guadalajara to the city of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

We toured a Cuervo historical factory and were treated to some complimentary samples.

I ❤️ Mexico with all my heart.

sleeping potion

A little tequila soother to help me sleep. Zero risk of dependency.

the joy of cuervo

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