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milito kontraŭ kristnasko

Merry Sol Invectus. It’s coming up.

war on christmas holiday nog

I was hoping for Silk (brand) soy nog which is excellent. Target didn’t have any so I got this Good&Gather (store brand) oatmilk holiday nog. It’s not very good. I don’t think it could be helped with rum or Southern Comfort.

holiday trees

Satanic-holiday-tree-war-on-Christmas-why-do-you-hate-America lot being installed at Target.

nice corporate holiday card

That feeling when a corporate holiday (#waronchristmas ) card is actually nice. #chewy 🎄👍

On the other hand, AT&T sends the same old worthless promotion disguised as a Christmas card on the outside. Pathetic. #att 🙄

this means war

I’ve waited so late to start my war on Christmas this year.

Kicking it off with:

— yule bot
— cheese ball
— zombie Santa
— restroom at Macy’s

beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house

I read today that the East Colonnade of the White House looks like the Lair of Krampus.

The inspiration for this post was this fun read on au.org.

Image permission details:  copyright expired. Public Domain (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus#/media/File:Nikolaus_krampus.jpg)


season’s greetings – happy holidays

Just ramping up for my own little War on Christmas.   😈