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election mail

I’m fairly sick of this shit. Lake Wobegon, where all the voters are above average.

I don’t care to have my voting ranked nor compared to that of my neighbors.

At least the Trump and Biden mailers are entertaining. They sometimes include color pictures.

lampoon it

Me and the US election.

alleged voter intimidation on first day of election

Heckuva pic of a “poll observer” silently cramping the personal space of a group of Latinx voters yesterday at UNCG.

Pretty thing he is. Might need a bath. 🛁

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the vpotus is under “fly” control

Need to link VPOTUS debate fly to Putin somehow. “Moscow” in Russian is written “Москва,” which looks like “mosca” (fly) in Spanish, so there. It’s a clear link.

it’s practically meddling in the election

I was suspicious when the return address on the envelope was not the Board of Elections. Instead it was The Center for Voter Information. I set the envelope aside until I could evaluate. My initial reaction upon seeing the envelope was feeling increased mistrust of anything about voting coming in the mail.

Regardless, the form I received appears to be the correct one per the linked article, i.e not pre-filled. Some people received pre-filled forms which are invalid.

Even if everything appears to be correct, I’m going to print my own form, if I decide to vote by mail, and check the recipient address carefully.