experiences with linux flatpacks and snaps are unpleasant

A browser I used to like to use was GNOME Web, AKA Epiphany. It is now available as flatpack only, which ruined it, I guess. It went from fast and sleek to a hard drive churning dog with horrible UI (user interface) and features missing. I’m thinking these alternative packaging systems are not good, but what do I know.

Same for Chromium browser. Installing from snap makes the UI bad. I’d rather have the full Chrome browser directly from Google than the current Chromium installed as snap.

It will have to be quite compelling before I install from flatpack or snap going forward.

2 responses to “experiences with linux flatpacks and snaps are unpleasant

  1. Snaps. Flatpacks. All rubbish. I steer far clear of them. That’s one of the latest reasons I like Mint so much. Mint installs without adding all that crap.

    I can see a time where a user tries to install a deb of something on Ubuntu and is presented with a message that says only software from the Official Ubuntu Snap Store can be installed. Screw that.

  2. There’s a reason why Linux distros are dropping both packaging systems left and right, after some early experiments. Gee, I guess the people who made apt-get weren’t crazy after all. Just stick to AppImage files when something’s not in your distro’s repositories yet.

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