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filme / cine eeuu

Here is a photo of a cinema marquee 1970’s Mexico City. Source: https://www.facebook.com/laciudaddemexicoeneltiempo/photos/a.195987210423307/4113208842034438/

To it I add two pics I took in 2005 in Havana Cuba at the Yara cinema. Gringo movies, lol. “Filme Nortemericano” or “cine norteamericano” or I guess could be “cine estadounidense.”

closer than ever

Last night I streamed the 1984 British apocalyptic war drama “Threads” from The Internet Archive.

It’s old, and the video quality is low, but it’s surprising how many of the topics and situations are still current.

Other good “nuclear” movies are “The Day After” and “Nightbreaker.”





new almodovar movie out

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mexican entertainment greats

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