goofing around in guadalajara early 80’s

I’m always looking through the house for old photos.

This one is me, early 1980’s, standing atop the Hotel Fiesta Americana on the Minerva glorieta (roundabout) in Guadalajara, Mexico. Great view of the city from up there.

The hotel had recently opened, and it was a popular passtime with the immature crowd, of which I was a part, to sneak up to the heliport. One only had to know the right door to go to the top, and it was rarely locked. Just behind me, it would have been terribly easy to walk right over the edge especially at night. Attached Google image shows the hotel from the ground.

I’ll blame my hanging belly on the quantities of Estrella beer and Jalisco tacos consumed that summer, though it didn’t exactly go away at any point.

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