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war huh – ¿para que sirve?

Subversive! Lock me up.

These recently arrived to my house.

— What Every Person Should Know About War

— The Greatest Evil is War

Both by Christ Hedges. I have read several of his books. His work with incarcerated people is good.

Chris Hedges: ‘The Greatest Evil is War’ at consortium news

dial it up to hot nuclear

Oh, comforting! I’m not even reading that article.

Gotta be to protecc that “democracy.” 🙄

just a pithy trillion dollars

thought it said, “USA spent more than a BILLION dollars during 20 years of war in Afghanistan”

What a bargain. Seems kinda cheap.

Then I remembered that BILLIÓN in Spanish is TRILLION in English. So, it’s “USA spent more than a TRILLION dollars during 20 years of war in Afghanistan”


Yeah sure, short an intermittent stimulus check by $600, give every large business in the city a tax “abatement,” and still somehow get dopes to sit on their asses downtown in front of cameras and beg for their taxes to be raised to pay city salaries.

All those yachts in Dubai Harbour, it’s maritime lifestyle like no other!


la canción de guerra

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a major reason for war oh so plainly stated

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auditioning the next war

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war primer video

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wikileaks collateral damage video

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newspeak doublethink

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permanent war

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