war primer video

Everybody ready?

I saw this one going around on Diaspora.

4 responses to “war primer video

  1. *Shakes head* Oh, Mr. Powell.That dovetails nicely with this article from FAIR.org showing that the New York Times is misleading readers by misstating "evidence" against Iran and their nuclear program: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=4454The FAIR article also points to what we've been hearing regarding Iran's threat to seal off the Strait of Hormuz as untrue, stating that "Iran has said repeatedly and emphatically that they are doing no such thing."Personally, if you were to ask me who I believe more at this point, it would be Iran. Here comes the war.

  2. I gotta admit that after years of listening to the Corbett Report on the radio here in Olympia, it's fun to finally see the man behind the voice. Wow… Not exactly as I had imagined. :jester:

  3. Damn that traffic jam. How I hate to be late.My ships move through Hormuz so slow.

  4. That's the problem when you start messing about with the balance of power in another region – one law leads to another.

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