newspeak doublethink

The summer weather is nice, and it's a particularly good time of the year for Newspeak and doublethink.

There's lots more money for war, the financial sector, and the IMF, yet it's on the table for billions to be cut from Medicare. We have the nice president of change who seems to love to cave at every opportunity and sometimes even cops attitude about it.

As usual, Congressman Dennis Kucinich is one of the few who doesn't make me want to hurl into the toilet.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “We’re destroying our nation’s moral and fiscal integrity with the war supplemental. Instead of ending wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan now by appropriating only enough money to bring our troops home, Congress abdicates its constitutional authority, defers to the President, and asks for a report. That’s right. All we’re asking for is a report on when the President will end the war."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “There’s money, too, for the IMF, presumably to bail out European banks, billions for the IMF, so they can force low- and middle-income nations to cut jobs, wages, healthcare and retirement security, just like corporate America does to our constituents. And there’s money to incentivize the purchase of more cars, but not necessarily from the US, because a Buy America mandate was not allowed. Another $106 billion, and all we get is a lousy war. Pretty soon that’s going to be about the only thing made in America: war."

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