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I keep seeing “hold officials accountable” and “hold their feet to the fire.”

I don’t think this is really possible. It’s just prevoting talk.

Also, “resist.”

it’s practically meddling in the election

I was suspicious when the return address on the envelope was not the Board of Elections. Instead it was The Center for Voter Information. I set the envelope aside until I could evaluate. My initial reaction upon seeing the envelope was feeling increased mistrust of anything about voting coming in the mail.

Regardless, the form I received appears to be the correct one per the linked article, i.e not pre-filled. Some people received pre-filled forms which are invalid.

Even if everything appears to be correct, I’m going to print my own form, if I decide to vote by mail, and check the recipient address carefully.


just vote harder!

This was in an email I received today. Uh huh, this don’t work. Disappointed.


And as November approaches, we’ll need to hold our noses and fight hard for the boring centrist candidate, the one who at least gives lip-service to caring for people.

That, it turns out, is extremely important: it’ll enable us to hold his feet to the fire with all the (nonviolent) means at our disposal


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