voter id is voter suppression

The upcoming election is the first for which I will have to show ID to vote. For me it is easy. For many it is not. Our legislators have nothing better to do than fix an imaginary problem. Fraud at the voter level is close to non-existent.

I hate those black-box computerized machines we use here anyway. The issues surrounding them are many.

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4 responses to “voter id is voter suppression

  1. I want to give you a hug right now.

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I want to give you a hug right now.

    :up: More funny stuff about voting in my county and state:In response to voter skepticism about the computerized voting machines not being verifiable, the county installed little printers on them which print a little chit showing your ballot selections. You don't get to take this chit with you. It's not like a computer can't be programmed to record one thing and print another. Also, the chits are so small and faintly printed that I can never read mine. I think it's the same type printing system that stores use when the receipt is completely faded out by the end of the return period.I used to do write-in votes sometimes. With the computers, I cannot figure out how to do that. I have to ask for help, which results in a huddle of election volunteers talking and looking over at me furtively.More goodness:While the state insists on using computers to record votes, for a candidate to get on the ballot without being affiliated with one of the few major parties, signatures must be gathered on sheets of paper on clipboards. It's a lot of signatures, too, tens of thousands, maybe a hundred thousand. Sometimes a clear answer cannot be obtained as to how many until a candidate is at the deadline for turning them in.The board of elections can declare signatures invalid using an unclear criteria, or say that the wrong weight paper was used, or it had to be 3-hole punch, wasn't formatted correctly, etc.It's really amazing, and the only issue that gets attention is the rare-as-hens-teeth one of someone claiming to be someone else at the polls. That has to be the most inefficient way of influencing an election ever. There are so many better ways.

  3. I could go on about the UK system as well…and we're hoping to bring democracy to other countries! That is right, yes? :worried:

  4. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    we're hoping to bring democracy to other countries!

    Lol, that reminds me of the mantra of the war machine here. "Waging democracy", troop supplies by Wal-Mart, chow by Burger King.

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