early voting

I got that done today. It wasn't a particularly wonderful feeling.

Going into the polling place, one always has to run the gauntlet of people outside who want to hand you voter guides and talk to you. They have to stay at least fifty feet from the entrance, so the last few steps are easy.

One man tried to get my attention by saying, "please vote for **** ******* (I don't remember the name). She's my daughter!" I started laughing once I got inside because I thought of what I *could* have said: "I don't care if she's your daughter AND your lover. I'm totally a platform and policy voter." 😀

I always think of the good stuff afterwards.

7 responses to “early voting

  1. Vote is a "Democracy" and for see this "Démocracy", look my last English paper; I think it is cheeky to say "Vote for she is my daughter". The vote to be free, i think but what this vote ? The elections to be previously of a next six november, no ?! 🙂

  2. I think of good stuff afterwards too.Presumably when you leave you get accosted too? "Who did you vote for? Why did you choose them?"

  3. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    Presumably when you leave you get accosted too?

    It was amazingly quiet when I went. I think because it was the first weekend of early voting and was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. I have been surveyed after voting as you described, but I always decline.Leaving the polls, the man soliciting votes for his daughter was still there and said, "have a nice day."I shot back, "I didn't vote for that WHORE daughter of yours."Nah, I didn't say that. I thought of it later. 😀

  4. I early voted today around lunch time. Not a long wait, but some guy was irritated that one of the workers didn't have his ID badge on a lanyard and visible from his spot in line. Older dude, and starts in on "it's the law" and all this crap. Well, the worker guy had his badge clipped to his shirt pocket :p :p

  5. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Older dude, and starts in on "it's the law" and all this crap.

    I just won't interact with people acting like that. It's like going to the DMV. You have to stand in line with all forms of life.I was eating out after my shift the other night, and two guys next to me started arguing about what Obama said, or didn't say, and when, concerning the "Benghazi cover-up." The belligerent one of the two tried to draw me into it by almost yelling at me for support even though I had not even looked his way. I refused to utter a word or even look up from what I was reading on my mobile. As he got up to leave, he yelled at his friend that he was going home to watch Fox News "where at least things make sense." OMG! The calmer guy sheepishly left just after the angry one did.I got a refill on my iced tea and reflected on life.

  6. In the case of missing I'D badge, I was only a listener and observer 😎

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    In the case of missing I'D badge, I was only a listener and observer

    You should have whispered to the law-and-order guy, "you know I think that poll worker looks stoned! Gotta be a Democrat."

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