it’s practically meddling in the election

I was suspicious when the return address on the envelope was not the Board of Elections. Instead it was The Center for Voter Information. I set the envelope aside until I could evaluate. My initial reaction upon seeing the envelope was feeling increased mistrust of anything about voting coming in the mail.

Regardless, the form I received appears to be the correct one per the linked article, i.e not pre-filled. Some people received pre-filled forms which are invalid.

Even if everything appears to be correct, I’m going to print my own form, if I decide to vote by mail, and check the recipient address carefully.

2 responses to “it’s practically meddling in the election

  1. Report this to your state’s attorney general.

    • On second thought, never mind. The state seems to have a pretty good handle on things and group is backpedalling. I just get super excited about stuff and involving our attorney general because they are very responsive and effective.

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