photographing the vodkas

Trying to drink the vodkas.

8 responses to “photographing the vodkas

  1. lifeguardlifer

    u look good under the black light

  2. Thank you. I function best in darkness.

  3. lifeguardlifer

    thats the understatement of the year, lol

  4. :up:

  5. lifeguardlifer

    then theres days I need a stiff drink and then sum

  6. Your picture is sort of an interesting amalgam of Andy Warhol meets David Bowie meets Other-Guy-Whose-Name-Escapes-Me-Presently. Very nice. :up:

  7. My usual club consumption routine is:–2 Coronas.–Then I want a surprise drink from the bartender. My instructions are, "a big drink, something on the sweet side, with a lot of vodka in it."–1 more Corona, or if staying real late, 2.At that point, everybody in the bar looks pretty good. Well, some never do, but that's normal in the greater WaHoo metropolitain area.Last week a bartender make me a vodka cocktail with only the instructions above. It had Pinnacle Whipped Key Lime Vodka and pineapple juice. She put nearly three healthy pours in it. Loved it.It's definately a drink that you don't want to order in a bar with real "amurrakins" around discussing their love for the Matrix. I don't usually go to those places anyway.

  8. Cool look :up:

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