foofy vodka

On the left: a Pinnacle Vodka whipped key lime cocktail with pineapple juice.

On the right: a Corona.

Which one was mine?

5 responses to “foofy vodka

  1. The Vodka…

  2. Originally posted by iamcapitaine:

    The Vodka…


  3. operainchicago


  4. operainchicago

    Corona, no Brainer. But this could be a trick question

  5. Lol. The vodka was mine *for that round* though I had a few Coronas, too.Nice bartender at The Q Lounge. I can just tell her that I want something sweet with a lot of vodka in it, and she creates something good.The other club we go to, the bartender always throws cranberry or Red Bull in the drink even though I've told him many times that I don't like either. With him, it's best to stick to things he can just uncap. He's a nice guy, though.

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