strange saturday night combo

The previous craving was this one.

9 responses to “strange saturday night combo

  1. I wonder if that vodka is vegan. I've never actually looked at one of the labels.

  2. You won't find much info on the label. It's one of those industries that has exempted itself from things like that.

  3. operainchicago


  4. Holy. There's key-lime flavored vodka?!

  5. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    There's key-lime flavored vodka?!

    Artificially flavored, too, so it's got to be good. :up: Stoly, Smirnoff, Absolut, and Pinnacle have gone off the rails on the flavored vodkas thing.

  6. I dislike the fact that one cannot tell from a glance at the bottle what it contains. I had to look very hard and read to the bottom to find the word "Vodka". Marketing fail.

  7. All I've known is straight up vodka. I'm gonna see if there's a bottle of that in my local area. 🙂

  8. The Pinnacle brand is French? Shouldn't that be tarragon flavored vodka, then?

  9. I have never been one for reading labels when it comes to drink, as long as it tastes nice and does the job who cares :drunk: 😆

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