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cafe amurrican

Plenty of time today to enjoy a second Americano coffee (Caffè Americano).

The moka pot makes six shots of espresso which I pour into a large mug and dilute a little with hot water.

This is my second one, so twelve shots for me today. Maybe there will be an incident! 😅 Probably too much, lol.

coffee puck

Hey, nice puck! 🏒

4 x espress

Quad espresso. For when one, two, or three aren’t enough. ☕☕☕☕


Desperate for a shot and the ‘Bux is closed.

espresso machine

That’s a cute little espresso machine. It’s tempting me to order something.

I had to look it up.

FAEMA: “Factory Electro Mechanical and Associated Equipment” (“Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettro Meccaniche e Affini”

Now ya know!

triple spress

Triple ‘spresso. Hands already shakin’.

As good as Italy. 😁

I should start asking for a penta or an octa. ☕

‘nother ‘spresso

My current favorite after dinner and drinks at M’Coul’s is a triple espresso at Starbucks.

They’re not very expensive. A triple is $2.95. Might start getting a quad. They taste really good and pack a punch.

coffee puck

A puck.

I finally found a gasket for my moka pot, so I can make espresso at home again.

A moka pot is sometimes referred to as a stove-top espresso maker. Bialetti of Italy makes a lot of them.


Triple ‘spresso from our favorite ‘bux. Mind-blowingly good. ☕

Heart already racing.

headlong coffee rush

I have a moka pot (AKA caffettiera or Bialetti) that makes six little cups of espresso. I like to make each batch at capacity, pour all six into one coffee mug, and start my day that way. I might ought to stop doing that, but once in awhile I enjoy it very much. The rush can be nice unless I’m in the middle of Charlotte traffic or the like, then I have to do mental calming maneuvers.

One time I ordered a large iced coffee in a bookstore. It was so good that I gulped it down. Before I left the store, I stopped myself a couple of times by thinking, “did I just scream?” ☕ 😱