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a cappuccino, not a puppuccino

An absolutely exquisite cappuccino.

4 x espress

Quad espresso. For when one, two, or three aren’t enough. ☕☕☕☕

café sbux

Treat after physical therapy.

sbux treats

Some treats for me on double-star day at Starbucks. ⭐ ⭐

Went to Walmart the other day and used the self checkout. Probably order something from Amazon later. 😈

triple spress

Triple ‘spresso. Hands already shakin’.

As good as Italy. 😁

I should start asking for a penta or an octa. ☕

‘nother ‘spresso

My current favorite after dinner and drinks at M’Coul’s is a triple espresso at Starbucks.

They’re not very expensive. A triple is $2.95. Might start getting a quad. They taste really good and pack a punch.

holiday coffee

All take home bagged coffee on sale at the Bux until the end of this week. I bought some as gifts plus a couple of drinks for me and Brian. I like the timing of this sale.

They have the right kind of grinder in the store, so if you want it ground, they’ll grind it perfectly for whatever device you use to brew.

I used to grind at home, but now I don’t feel like it anymore. It’s a bit laborious to do it right.