those roamin catholics

This hit me as clever and funny. I cut across several lanes of traffic to get this shot.

The Roamin' Catholic

10 responses to “those roamin catholics

  1. operainchicago


  2. What kinda shop is it?

  3. Dave,@ your poll ———->LMAO, i can't pick from your list, as it don't list my type of nuts…lmao(soft for people without teeth for all you perverted thinkers out there…lmao)

  4. LOLif i think correctly, Selurus, its a shop that sells Catholic items to people

  5. Lol I think these type of sign names are great, two of the best I've seen are, Oar House which was a pub and on the walls in side were pictures of huge over weight women in underwear. And a junk shop which had a red bold capital letter for each word of the shops name. Steve Hanson Independent Trader.

  6. oh man. I was like "….why is that clever and funny?" then it hit me…ROMAN Catholic. wow. good stuff.

  7. CaptainPenguin

    With all the bad publicity about the Catholic church at the moment its nice to see Catholics with a sense of humour

  8. i like that one Steve. is his trading stuff what it spells with the letters, or was that just supposed to be a smartass comment?…lmao

  9. Is this what they call "Mass Transit"? 😀

  10. Originally posted by rfhurley:

    Is this what they call "Mass Transit"?

    Good one! :up:

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