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italo disco

It took awhile for me to discover that a genre of dance music I loved in the 80’s (and currently under revival) had the name of Italo Disco.

I also knew the name of the genre hi-NRG and loved it, too. hi-NRG was big-time cardio and would send you out the door wringing wet and sometimes stinkin’. It was a good stank as long as it was from the recently showered.

A few hours of this dancing would send one home, or wherever, able to go on for another week. I spent a lot of money chasing the music in 12″ vinyl. Some woman on Lee Street near the Biff Burger had the best store for it.

There was a older Lumbee guy named Doug who was one of the best to watch on the dance floor. He had it down. He liked to tell Lumbee stories.


pride music

The music gets good during Pride month. Enjoying. I have a couple of days off to play.