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nixon resigns

Greensboro Daily News. August 9th, 1974. Nixon resigns. 📰🗞️

biff burger greensboro has closed after 60 years

My favorite sandwich at Beef Burger (Biff Burger) was the Super Cheese dipped.

It was a really good sandwich, but they fucked it up so many times that I switched to just getting the little cheeseburgers which were called “Biffs with cheese.” They were simple and good and came dipped automatically.

Another thing I liked was that vinegar was always out on the condiment bar for the french fries.

Famous sign in the front window, “if you are drunk, eat somewhere else.”

gso observation area

The strange forlorn observation area at GSO airport.

I’m not sure I even knew it had one.

pizza and big greek salad

Vito’s take-out for me. It’s all mine.

airport parking

I had the urge to steal one of these parking meter bags from GSO airport. I imagine it would take a little more than just putting it over the meter to park for free once this ends.

sunday funday

Sunday brunch at M’Coul’s.

alaska at greensboro airport

Alaska Airlines parked all over at Greensboro, North Carolina, airport. GSO.

They look weird out there. Wheels covered up. I’m guessing that means they’ve been there a while and will be there longer.

country park

At last. Not raining. Outside for some sun and fresh air.

four seasons town centre greensboro

Brian and I went to the mall, first time since before Covid. We thought we would be alone in there, it was always pretty empty before, but today it was quite busy. Great sale at Dillard’s.

price park walk

From today at Price park, Greensboro.