random things that come up

I was reading what was supposed to be a professional article this morning and ran across this sentence: “Something went gunny bag with the air conditioner.”

WTF does gunny bag mean? lol

I mean write in plain language. That one just got me a little.

OK, sometimes I like to use “wonky” from time to time.


Here’s another one that still comes up sometimes and has since I was a child.

“It’s out there near Red Road.” or “Over there by the Bishop Block.”

OK, I know those places existed, but just tell me where you are talking about today. 50+ years is long enough to update.

Similarly, I am guilty of saying High Point Road still instead of Gate City Boulevard. High Point Road is where I did a lot of cruising as a teenager, so it’s rooted in that. I remember when Bob Petty’s Drive-in on HPR served me a can of beer right in my car when I was 17. “Can I have a cigarette to go with it?” lol

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