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spouse gets hooked on computer browser game

Brian got majorly absorbed in the Google Doodle Champion Island Game. It kept him busy for hours. He ended up completing it and then playing even more. It was fun to watch him.

Maybe I’ll take up the Vivaldia game on Vivaldi browser.

google one vpn

Can a VPN by Google be taken seriously, or should it be laughed out of town? An e-mail today is the first I’ve heard of it.

I won’t be needing it because it only works on mobile, not on desktop, and one must have a fairly expensive plan with Google to get it.


do a lotta evil

Google does not like a semi-anonymized VPN connection making me solve 14 CAPTCHAS in a row before permitting me to log in. I would not have done so many, but I got curious how long it would go on.

The digital overlords have gotten so…



nexus 4 screenshots

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classy wireless

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going out

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androids on gaga

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