androids on gaga

Brian and I went out today and got a pair of the Samsung Nexus S. They are our first smartphones. We're playing with them now.

Below: the pair are playing some favorite Gaga.

Top: Judas.

Bottom: Born This Way.

25 responses to “androids on gaga

  1. I don't like Samsung Products. They are beautiful, modern, multi functional but not so long-lasting. I prefer Nokia or Sony Erison. I have a Nokia

  2. Just my opinion about SamSungSo sad you compare me with Castus

  3. You and Castus should get together on the whining.

  4. Ahhhh!Welcome to the world of Android!I've got the Nexus One – and he's my life partner now. Haven't seen the Nexus S yet, but I think it's only the second phone to have native, not-messed-about-with Android 2.3.4

  5. Hey HG. We're having a blast. It's our first time with these things, so the exploring is on.I'm currently looking for a slick messenger app that will work with Jabber (XMPP) and others. The old Windows favorite, Trillian, seems to be popular.I'm enjoying how this thing will grab my home wifi signal, and the tethering and mobile hotspot will be a dream while on the road.I hated to say goodbye to my old less expensive plan, but the full monty isn't that much more.

  6. Thanks for the app suggestions. I'm looking for what you and others are liking.Yes, I've tried the voice search. Love it. I say something and the search results pop right up in fractions of a second.I think this app had its roots in Google411. There was a number I used to call and the Google computer would direct me to say the name, city, and state. It would shoot back results and offer to dial it. Now when dialing that number it says that they have concluded the voice sample testing and to text instead. Oh well.It often tried to trick the Google411 by using my strongest exaggerated southern accent, but it would get it right every time.

  7. It's an excellent choice of phone. Android is pretty powerful. My fave app is My Tracks at the moment. One of the cooler ones is Voice Search though – Should be on the phone already, but just make sure it's been updated – then check out the help for a quick video on how to use. A blast.

  8. cool thing about voice search – is it searches according to your initial command then expands it through the phone and out to the web in some sort of fuzzy logic mannerit's cool stuff.

  9. :up:

  10. operainchicago

    Verizon? or what carrier?

  11. operainchicago

    OMG! I'm sooo excited that you guys are android people now. What version is your firmware running? :hat:

  12. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:


    We thought of you when we were planning this. WWJD (What Would Josh Do). We know you like good wireless and kept you in mind.Originally posted by operainchicago:

    What version is your firmware running?

    There are several things under "about phone":Version: 2.3.4Kernel: 2.6.35-7It's Sprint. They are all evil, but we've done Sprint since Candice Bergen was the "Dime Lady". I thought she was the epitome of cool. 10c a minute was a bargain back then. Now I'm shocked if I have to pay extra for domestic long distance. It's almost like you'd have to be looking to do it.

  13. Seriously, those phones are kick-ass!!!! :heart:

  14. operainchicago

    Sprint does have the best pricing if you want all the bells and whistles. Sprint around our area sucks because of call quality. We pay $167 Mo. for two Verizon phones. Phones were free at Costco last August :yes:

  15. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Phones were free at Costco last August

    I have a Costco membership, but it's usually too crazy in there. Absolutely crushingly busy. Believe it or not, but I got my first Sprint phone at a Radio Shack ages ago. I wouldn't recommend that now for any reason. One time I went to Best Buy because rebates there are instant, but the nearby Sprint store has them instant now, too. There's nothing worse than a mail-in rebate, so I try to avoid them. If you want to do a complicated plan/phone manoeuver, Best Buy can screw it up easily.The employees at the local Sprint store are golden. They can do an entire family plan swapout with every little nuance in the world, and you'll leave with everything right. They said to watch out for a survey call. They're all getting an A+.Call quality has always been tops here. I've noticed that all carriers are practically giving away airtime now because not that many use it. It's mostly data/text these days. My mom gobbles most of the minutes. If I could just get her to stop calling 411. OMG that's expensive.

  16. Hey Gary! :heart: The speech-to-text thing is fascinating to me. I try to screw with it some. It's pretty good with southern-us English, but copping a general American accent gets me a higher success rate.I'm looking forward to trying some of the translation apps you mentioned elsewhere.

  17. operainchicago

    We have a Sprint mobile broad band card for the PC. $60/Mo. but no choice living in country.

  18. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    but no choice living in country.

    Sometimes people ask me which carrier to get. I feel that the answer is: the one that works inside your house.

  19. Originally posted by garydenness:

    .the phoning bit is just a gimmick

    It almost feels weird to talk on the thing sometimes.

  20. It feels weird talking a smartphone – period.I'm like, "Can't you just txt me? It makes my life that much easier than to hear ya blabber on the phone."

  21. That has been my opinion since I got my first SMS-capable phone in 1995. Written communication also has the benefit of leaving a record in case you forget.

  22. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    "Can't you just txt me? It makes my life that much easier than to hear ya blabber on the phone."

    Exactly. Text and e-mail allow the conversation to be controlled.Originally posted by bvermo:

    Written communication also has the benefit of leaving a record in case you forget.

    Many times that's a big plus. Other times, like when I have something critical to discuss with my employer, I'll call them so it can't be forwarded around the office. If it's real serious, I won't even leave a hint on a voicemail. It just depends.

  23. BTW, hi Bjorn. I remember reading your blog when it was highlighted awhile back. It was enjoyable to read your perspective on Opera. :up: Many of us Opera "users" are still amazed at how one company has become so ingrained in our lives. Amazing products + a great place to socialize (myopera).Life on mobile is especially rich due to the critical Opera tools and knowledge.

  24. "Written communication also has the benefit of leaving a record in case you forget."Wienergate, although in this case, it was probably pre-empted by the accompanying 'graphics':whistle:

  25. I've been curious, but I haven't even read the first detail on the latest "scandal". I assume the purpose is to make people look the other way for a second while the wars and stealing ramble on.I have seen that it's something to do with a posted pic. Bah! I could care if somebody is running a nudie webcam from the Oval Office as long as they do their regular job right. 😆 Sometimes I miss Nixon and Watergate. :yikes:

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