going out

I like to document our outings sometimes.

Image #1:
Brian looking on a partially destroyed Bloomin' Onion and a couple of Margaritas.

Image #2: I get home and Google is wishing me a happy birthday! How thoughtful, lol.

6 responses to “going out

  1. Your birthday? Today is your birthday?!? Is Happy Birthday in order then?I'll rant about Google stalking you another time.(By the way, Brian looks baked.)

  2. It was the first and only drink, so Brian was just making a face.Google doesn't have my correct birthday, but it's close!

  3. If I missed your birthday, then happy belated birthday!

  4. Yes, happy birthday Dave…for whenever it is. You really are a great guy. :yes:

  5. I'm at work. I should be eating cake and playing with the other kids.

  6. Happy Birthday! 🙂

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