classy wireless

Well, you know that money grows on trees, so we had to do it. Brian and I recently ordered a pair of the new white Google Nexus 4's by LG. Classy azz!

Black on the front, and a nice visually textured white back, kind of like an Oreo cookie with one side peeled off. Both sides slippery as butter so I'm pleased that the bumper case was recently included as a promo.

Dick-hardeningly pretty and they run so fast. What a pleasure. If you're into Android, they come pristine, no wireless carrier add-ons or bloat. Kinda geeky. We love our geeks!

This was my first cellular carrier change in twelve years, so I had to learn the in's and out's of number porting. It was easy. I did everything by mail order: devices from Google, SIM cards from T-Mobile.

Notice beer off to the side. Goes with things Linux-y

4 responses to “classy wireless

  1. I looked long and hard at getting the nexus 4 but opted for a Motorola razr-i instead. I think battery life was the factor that swung it. Nice buy though.

  2. Ya'll should tinker with the handy photosphere in the camera app. 😀

  3. Having a good time with it this weekend. Only a million or so settings to tinker with. I like stuff like that.

  4. operainchicago

    Sweet :up: :love:

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