“best in breed” net services and companies

I like all of these for one reason or another:

nearlyfreespeech.net – webhosting for pennies (or even fractions of a penny) and a great TOS. See their beliefs page. It's good!

Gandi – very cool domain registrar. Buy a domain and they give you a free blog and reliable e-mail hosting. Their Gandi supports page reveals their coolness. They are a few bucks more than the registrar "Godaddy", but at least you can look at their webpage without getting a headache.

flosoft.biz messenger server – strong uptime if you need a jabber server.

Jamendo – lots of electronic music licensed under Creative Commons so you can download it legally and share it.

Flickr – the best place to search for and host your digital photography.

My Opera – need I say more?

Post some that you like in the comments.

5 responses to ““best in breed” net services and companies

  1. Thanks gary for the mentions. I always enjoy seeing what people have liked….and your flickr photos are unbeatable.

  2. NearlyFreeSpeech! I finally found the name again 😛 I want to setup a Joomla site and I am looking for some hosting. Do you know if they support it? The FAQ says yes, but … hehehe let's say that my field of knowledge is not installing and configuring Joomla 😛

  3. Originally posted by FoxM:

    I want to setup a Joomla site and I am looking for some hosting. Do you know if they support it?

    I'm not sure. I assume so, I know little about these things. I have a site there that uses a MySQL database, and it works fine. Their price for using a database is a penny a day, lol. I like their attitude (nearlyfreespeech.net) so much. They don't disable content or release anything without a court order. :up:

  4. Yes. I like it… but I had to take and administrative decision and will have to go for a year with a local hosting because they have everything up and running for Joomla :S and as I have just a couple of weeks to get this thing done, I don't have the time to fiddle with the tiny little details now … but I will eventually use nearly free speech to host the website next year. It has been already written down in the TODO list. 😉 Thanks anyway 😀

  5. One thing about nearlyfreespeech.net, they don't do domain e-mail. They will forward but not host. There are options, of course, like Google apps, but many have privacy issues with that. If you register a domain with gandi.net, they will handle your e-mail for free, though it's not the most robust stuff I've ever seen, then you can host the web stuff with somebody else. I guess if you're a wizard/geek wildman, you can do the e-mail yourself, but that requires running a full-time box online which would be a major security risk for someone like me.Hurricane Electric, he.net, has the full e-mail/web bundles and a good TOS, though for a small site it will run you more per month than nearlyfreespeech. Both webhosts will let you run multiple domains on one account, though at Hurricane Electric you only get domain e-mail for one of them.I use both companies listed above. I've been with Hurricane Electric for years and they have never raised my fees, yet they have increased user allowances several times. Neither company seems sleazy like many of the bottom-dollar hosts that advertise all over the place.

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