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getting things directly – news, reading

I still get a lot of news and unfiltered reading by means of RSS (the feeds) and Telegram messenger.

To get RSS feeds on desktop, the Thunderbird e-mail app and Vivaldi browser have a feed reader you can set up, or there are stand-alone apps. On mobile, there are apps, but I find many barely work.

Telegram is available for everything.

They keep me in the reading. Good ways to get things direct.

Direct e-mail subscriptions also good, but I get buried in that.

net software faves

Various things we like for desktop computer for our everyday net business of high importance. We are very important đź’ˇ

Mobile list is similar with some variations.

Some we have used for a very long time. The web browsers handle so many things these days.


A friend mentions that upgrading his 2007 Outlook will cost $140. That’s for an install on one Windows machine.

I think, “well, OK then!”

two old desktop faves

A couple of sweet little things that I enjoy using on desktop.

#firefox #thunderbird

mozilla aurora update obsession

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