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stick shift

From the time I started legally driving, and for a long time thereafter, I viewed a standard (stick shift) transmission as something that made driving fun.

Then I got old and  now view it as something that makes my arthritic left knee hurt like hell. Pushing in that clutch is not always easy.

The ford maverick in colima

“Eres un buen automovilista.”

The first summer I ever went to Mexico, I was out in bumfuk Colima, and a friend offered to let me drive his father’s high-horsepower Ford Maverick.

I was barely able to put the Spanish together at that time, but I understood “¿Sabes manejar un estándar?” (You know how to drive a clutch?)

Neither one of us knew if it was legal for me to drive there as I slid into the driver’s seat. He let me drive that rocket around on the country roads for a while. I’d never driven a car with so much horsepower (tantos caballos).

My friend ended up the event by saying, “Eres un buen automovilista.” (You are a good motorist).

This is my friend Cesar from Colima driving his father’s pickup. Nice guy. I didn’t have to do handstands to be his friend. He was so patient with my borked Spanish. 1980-ish.

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Friend Cesar driving a pickup in Colima Mexico

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