going to get new tires for the trailer

We might go on a trip this fall, so I ordered new tires for the travel trailer the other day. The store called today and said they had arrived, so I hitched up the trailer and went over there. Our trailer hasn't been moved in two years, so I was a little nervous getting on the road again with it after so long. I had Brian follow me in the car to keep other drivers off my ass until we could tell if all was OK.

We get to the tire store, and they had ordered the wrong ones, so we ended up coming back home. Next time they call, I will ask them to read everything on the sidewall before I set out over there again.

Driving in city traffic towing a trailer is a tense affair. Highway driving is much easier. In town, thoughtless drivers in little Kias will cut right in front of you and slam on the brakes to make a quick tight turn. When towing, you really have to look way ahead and still be ready for surprises right in front of you.

Our trailer is an antique 1961 model. We had modern electric brakes installed on it, so it can really be squalled to a stop if needed.

5 responses to “going to get new tires for the trailer

  1. :up:

  2. operainchicago

    wrong tires! dumb asses! I hope you insisted on a discount of some sort for the mess up 😡

  3. Cool looking trailer. Much better than most of the caravans and such like I see around here.

  4. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    wrong tires! dumb asses! I hope you insisted on a discount of some sort for the mess up

    They called again today. It was the store manager this time. The wrong tires arrived again, but they were on the lookout for it this time. He doesn't know WTF is the problem as they are ordering the correct tires, and even confirming the order by telephone.We're going to try again next week, lol.Yeah, he's offering a discount. I'd go somewhere else at this point, but they're being rather cool and earnest about it, so I'll give it one more go. It seems like a good group there just getting hit by a whammy. Next week is that last chance, however.

  5. The trailer is a beaut!

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